Special Activities

Kidforce for 5th grade students:
Students have jobs around the school. An adult monitors their work. Students who earn twenty five signatures on their Kidforce Kard go to an end of the year skating party.

Student Council:
Our 5th grade teachers organize representatives from the fifth grade classes. The student council sponsors fund raisers for charity, fun school wide activities, and provides leadership for the school population.

Order of the Flag:
All third grade students share flag care responsibilities throughout the year.

Annual Awards Assembly & Talent Show:
In June we celebrate student achievements from throughout the year. Categories include all areas from academics to the arts and sports. Also in June our students are invited to participate in a talent show.

Basketball Program:
During the winter, Bellaire teams compete with other schools in the district.

Giving Tree and Bulldog Tickets:
Mrs. Evans, our guidance counselor, organizes and maintains our Bellaire Giving Tree. Students can earn Bulldog Tickets for being caught following the Bellaire Code of Conduct. Students then choose to enter their tickets in a weekly drawing; or may choose to put the tickets on the Giving Tree. The Giving Tree is a fund sponsored by the PTO, which gives a certain amount for each Bulldog Ticket. The Fund is used to help the Bellaire community.

TV Busters:
Mrs. Evans organizes our yearly TV Turnoff week. Students are encouraged to find fun with activities other than TV.

Musical Productions:
Bellaire has a band, orchestra, and chorus. Students perform under the direction of our musical staff several times a year.

Art Show:
Our district art department creates an annual exhibition of student artwork. Elementary artists are featured at the exhibition located in the Fowler Center.

Science Fair:
4th and 5th grade students are encouraged to enter the CASAC science fair that includes competition among districts in Cumberland County.